GRWTH Version 1.9

2016-12-12 GRWTH 1.9
Written by GRWTH CS
Updated 2 years ago

新版本爸爸媽媽都可成為主家長, 一起管理子女成長日誌, 回覆學校通告等。
成長日誌 – 回覆日誌現在可加入表情圖示了!
加強老師版的學生資訊功能, 老師可輕鬆在手機查看學生資訊及加入備注。
[考勤] 可記錄早退是的課堂節數及最後點名老師
[手機語言] 中英以外應預設使用英文
老師可使用QR Code 登入

Login flow is streamlined with simplified parent registration.
2 primary parents are allowed to manage child’s journal and reply notice.
[Journal] Emoji can be added to journal response.
[Staff] Enhanced student profile allows views and comments on mobile.
[Attendance] Session and last modification records are now supported
Several translation mistakes are amended.
Today’s list gets new layout.
[Language] English is default for International users.
Staff may login by scanning QR Code.
[Notice] Image widths are set within showboxes.
Admin may view the list of all Groups

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