GRWTH Version 1.95

2017-01-06 GRWTH 1.95
Written by GRWTH CS
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[成長日誌] 日誌可分享到Facebook 、Webchat等平台,與親友分享你的成長經歷
[即時訊息] 有權限的學生或家長可於群組內發送訊息了
[即時訊息] 一般訊息會自動標注成已閱讀, 重要訊息才需確認已閱
[即時訊息] 可於每段訊息內加上一個附件
[考勤及请假] 改善考勤及請假卡片於今日事項的顯示方式


– 學生/家長版加上免費用戶標示
– 修正關聯子女時沒有保留家長名稱問題
– 成長日誌主家長的編輯及刪除權限
– 改善通告內相片顯示
– 老師可使用QR Code 登入
– 開啟連結時可使用指定瀏覽器
– 修正未閱讀紅點提示計算方法, 整天活動不僧被計算於未讀訊息內
– 部份手機型號拍攝問題
– 修正即時訊息選擇接收對象的bug

【New Features】
– [Journal] Facebook & WeChat Sharing is supported. Let friends be involved in your growth journey!
– [Message] Student & Parent Admin can send group messages
– [Message] Auto “tick” on general messages after browsing
– [Push] Clicks on push message are directed to related page
– [Attendance] Modified display of attendance and leave notice
– [Journal] New journal categories

【Fixes & Modifications】
– “Free User” tags for Student & Parent
– Parent username recorded during child linkage
– Main Parent edit rights on Journal
– Improved image display on notice
– Browser selection available on external links
– Unread notification excludes whole-day events

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