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2019-09-18 GRWTH 4.0
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「GRWTH 社區」
家長更可於「活動」版面按不同分類為子女尋找及挑選課外活動、興趣班和比賽,共同培養屬於孩子的 No.1。

“GRWTH Community”
A platform contains provision of wide-selection of community information and variety kind of activities and competitions open for in-app enrollment.
Echoing children’s respective needs at different ages, we collect and pair up suitable community information and news to children and their parents.
Categorized activities in “activities” tab, easily sort out and find best-suited extra-curricular activities, interests classes and competitions for children.encourages whole-rounded personal development. Let children be the best with their talents.

香港首個提供多元化支付渠道的電子校園支付方案 (支持:信用卡、預付卡、電子錢包…等)。系統既可提升學校行政工作的效率,又可方便新一代家長使用以節省時間,更可推動教育相關產業的轉型及創新。

“GRWTH E-payment system”

First multiple-gateway payment solution in Kong Kong Education sector. System supports credit cards, prepaid cards, electronic wallets as medium of payment. At the appearance of GRWTH e-payment system, brings along with payment convenience to parents, boosts schools administration process efficiency, leads Hong Kong education to next innovative leap.

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