GRWTH Version 5.5

2020-01-09 GRWTH 5.5
Written by GRWTH CS
Updated 2 years ago

1. 成長日誌支援批量滙出,生成孩子專屬的成長主頁
2. 用戶可自行選擇地區,收取鄰近社區的成長資訊
3. 專題內容更多樣化,日報界面支援更多圖片展示
4. 優惠券加入新玩法,敬請密切期待
5. 訂單訊息改善顯示及輸入方式
6. 付款流程微調,提升用戶體驗

1. Journal can now be batch exported to build a local webpage
2. Users may pick a region to receive updates in your neighborhood
3. More elements added to Daily Topic, and more visual effects
4. New way of getting coupons, let's look forward to it
5. Better display and input of order details
6. Finetuned payment procedures

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