GRWTH Version 6.6

2020-09-14 GRWTH 6.6
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GRWTH 6.6 版本更新說明

「GRWTH [學校]」

1. [通告功能] 老師可於 App 中代家長回覆選項
2. [通告功能] 家長回覆選項總覽
3. [多元智能] 隱藏才能點預設值

「GRWTH [社區]」

1. 可於消息中心查閱歷史訊息

GRWTH 6.6 version update instructions

"GRWTH [School]"

1. [Notices] Allow Teacher Accounts to adjust the reply status of "Notice" for students
2. [Notices] Teachers can review the  reply status and statistic 
3. [ECA] Admin can hide the preset talent points in ECA

"GRWTH [Community] "

1. Users can read past messages in notification Center

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